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Welcome to Big Thicket Yorkies! This is the website of Alton and Barbara Hargrave. We have been raising Yorkies since 1997. All of our Yorkies are raised in our home, which means they get lots of attention and the best of care. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing puppy. We do not ship so our market is limited to the area near our home in Warren, Texas which is in the middle of the Big Thicket (about 45 miles northwest of Beaumont, Texas)! We will be glad to provide you with information as to availability and pricing.

Raising a dog, any kind of dog, is a rewarding responsibility. Once the decision is made to have your own dog, the next decision is what kind of dog? If you decide on a smaller dog, and would like a Yorkie, you have made a great choice because they are intelligent, non shedding, faithful little friends! Most Yorkies demand lots of attention and they are an indoor dog. They make great watchdogs, but are not a liability to your neighbors as some large vicious breeds are. Yorkies love to travel, but of course traveling with any dog can require extra time and some inconvenience. Your choice of a Yorkshire Terrier will prove to be a richly rewarding experience for many years as you will become quite attached to this little soul that seems to worship your very presence!

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